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    Escorts Services in Goa

    WELCOME to Career Page of Model Escort Requirement

    About Us

    Escorts Services In Goa is an English owned and operated agency with the friendliest staff. It's our job to make your job as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

    All our girls are happy and love working with us as we look after them and happy girls=happy clients=happy us .simple really Most of our girls are part time so don't worry if you can only work a few hours per week, we always try and be as flexible as possible.

    There is NO fee to join our agency. We only take a fee from your bookings and we can help organise your photos as well. If you are considered to be a suitable Bunny we will contact you to arrange an interview. NB we ONLY contact girls we consider suitable.

    About You

    If you would like to be considered to be a Bunny then you must be aged between 18-30. You should be pretty and have a good body and above all be a friendly natured girl as that is what our agency is about.

    Personality is just as important as looks. We only work with friendly natured girls who genuinely have a desire to please and of course earn lots of (INR) ;)

    We do not expect you to have professional pictures so please just e-mail us ordinary ones. If you can't e-mail them please fill the form out and someone will contact you.

    So if you think you have the right look and attitude then please Contact Me

    We are kindly waiting for You! In

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